Production Spray Painting, Pad & Screen Printing

Village Decoration Ltd. provides production-run painting, pad and screen printing, on a variety of products.
Our capabilities include a wide range of air-dried, baked and polyurethane finishes, EMI/RFI coatings, as well as a multitude of printing applications. With our state of the art precision screen and pad (transfer) printing and high quality paint finishes, Village Decoration Ltd. can meet your most demanding needs.

Unfinished parts can be drop-shipped to us; we will paint, pad or screen print, assemble and package, thus supplying a finished product to you.

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Whats new with Village Decoration Ltd??

Film Output with new Imagesetter!
 Added 3/2009

New Improvements!

Film Output with new Imagesetter!
 Added 11/2004