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Prepress Film

Imagesetter to Process Film
2009 starts a new year and new beginnings for Village Decoration Ltd. With their art departments purchase of a Dolev 800 Imagesetter and film processor, they can produce film positives and negatives for their printing processes. This will speed up turnaround times to offer overall faster services. With our expedite service, most standard prototyping jobs can be turned around within one day.

Not only can Village Decoration Ltd. process film for their own internal needs but they can process films for YOURS! With a max film size of 31x41 inches, they are one of few companies offering an outsourcing film services at this scale.

Attention All Pad Printers!!
Now offering polymer cliches etched and ready to go run. Sign up for our polymer cliches program and we can process all you prepress needs. Send in the art and we will process a film and etch you printing plates all with in days! Not weeks like the others.





New Improvements!
Keeping up with the speed of your company.

Improving Facility - Scissors Lift
From hanging new lights to running new air or power lines, to keep new and ongoing jobs running smooth with quick setup. Village Decoration Ltd. has acquired a new 27-foot Scissors Lift to keep building maintenance and production moving.

Improving Shipping - Loading Dock
Fully automated, self-leveling, loading dock was recently installed. Improved from having to manually bend down and lift a old heavy steel plate into place to unload the trucks. Saves employees time and risk of injury.

Improving Communications – Web site
The new website is part of the new communication tools for Village Decoration Ltd. Not only for advertising but also to host valuable information to keep you products production running smoothly through our facility.

Improving Communications – Phones
Updating old phone equipment is part of keeping us in contact with you for faster response with less interruption. Our new Avaya computer phone system makes it all happen.

Showing Pride - Flag Pole
The addition of a 30-foot aluminum pole boasting a 5-foot by 6-foot American flag keeps your welcome and the Made in the U.S.A. feeling strong.