Production Spray Painting, Pad & Screen Printing


Village Decoration Ltd. has the experience and expertise to apply a wide variety of coatings in the right way to meet your needs. From hand spraying or automated coating to texture coating and detail applications of coatings, we can handle it. We have to capabilities to air dry or have a baked on finish. If your parts need pre-treating, we can handle it in house or if necessary, in a well trusted ISO approved pre-treatment facility. We don’t stop there! We also offer a verity of decoration services to “finish” you product with your logos or graphics. Subassembly is even available for that one stop shopping.

Village Decoration Ltd. will determine with you the best way to process your products to give them the quality finish they need at the right price.

View the some of coatings we use here.

Hand Spraying ^ TOP
For small runs or those detailed products. Parts are racked on to trays, painted, air-dried or baked in out walk-in convection oven. Need that artistic touch? Hand spraying offers the capability to give detail or definition to you product like this fruit below.

Chain on Edge ^ TOP
Automated equipment to speed the process and handles large quantities. Parts are loaded onto the machine, and turned as they go through the painting process. Parts are then continued down the line to an inferred oven for baking then packed. If additional dry time or higher baking temperatures are needed, parts are racked and can be baked in out walk-in convention oven. Temperature capabilities of 550°F can be meet.


Detailed Fill Painting ^ TOP

Parts requiring detailed painting such as filling: grooves, lettering, or engraved areas can be done with our state of the art dispensing equipment or the time tested fill and polish method.


Masking your Product ^ TOP

Don’t want or need areas painted? With most painting projects, there are usually needs for some type of masking. Since 1974, we have been designing masking for products of all types. We use a variety of tapes, plugs, & caps for hand masking of product prior to painting. For more involved jobs and long run cost savings we work with Deco Tools Inc. to offer the best in Nickel Electroformed Tooling to fit you product exact! Thus keeping your intricate painting designs in spec.


EMI/RFI Shielding ^ TOP

For either its shielding properties or conductive properties, we have a EMI/RFI Paint to meet your needs. We have the capability to test for ohm’s readings to meet you requirements. Need a more detailed application or manufactured products? See our Printing departments. ((pad print and Screen print link))


Resist painting / Selective plating ^ TOP

If you’re in the plating industry, you know the need to have resist (stop off) painting prep-work done. By hand brushing, dispensing, or machine spraying, we work with you to resist even the hard to reach areas of a product.

Coatings Curing methods Testing
Catalyzed Polyurethane
Baking Lacquers
Baking Enamels
Water Based
Solvent Based
Resist Coatings
EMI/RFI Coatings (shielding)
Conductive Coatings
Texture Coatings
Color Coatings
Air Dried
Wet Film Thickness
ASTM Hatch Test
Ohms (for Shielding and Conductive)
Visual Quality Control Stations
Alcohol and Acetone Wipe Tests

** More coating options are available.